ACiQ started with a simple idea – bring high-quality, high value ductless mini-split products into American homes.  The response has been fantastic, and we have grown each year, adding exciting new products along the way.  Now, ACiQ has a complete catalog of products for every need, all while preserving our mission – to offer high-quality and high value heating and cooling to the public.  What’s more, the entire lineup features best-in-class warranty protection so you can feel secure about your investment. 


ACiQ Extreme Heat Central Inverter Condensers, Extreme Heat Multi-Zones, and Platinum Single Zone systems all continue providing efficient, heat-pump heat down to an amazing -22 degrees.  A properly sized system can provide 100% of your heating needs even in colder Northern states.  This is a game-changing development, powered by the self-adjusting variable condenser described below. 


Every ACiQ Condenser (outside unit) is powered by a Variable DC Inverter Compressor.  This means the unit converts your home’s AC power to DC current, which can increase or decrease power on demand.  A 5 ton unit can run like a 4 ton, 3 ton, 2 ton or less depending on the indoor and outdoor conditions.  Instead of a 1 or 2 stage condenser, these are capable of over 70 stages!  Older systems can only switch on and off controlled by a thermostat.  ACiQ systems use indoor and outdoor sensors to adjust the BTU output of the system.  Result:  Better Comfort at Lower Cost! 

Every House needs its own Perfect System

From our first series of single zone mini split, we have expanded our product line to include more and better products.  Now you can choose from: 

  • Standard wall-mount single zone systems with sizes ranging from 9k to 36k btu for affordable and reliable heating and cooling. 
  • Platinum Max Heat single zone systems compatible with wall mount, ceiling cassette, concealed duct and floor console options. Available in a variety of sizes, our largest Platinum single zone systems go all the way to 60,000 btu or 3,000 sq ft of heating and cooling. 
  • The choice between Energy Star and Max Heat Multi Zone systems depending on your local weather demands. Our systems can support up to 5 air handlers in a variety of sizes and styles to best suite your needs. 
  • Max Heat Next Generation Heat Pumps – the same amazing condenser technology developed in mini splits but now connected to a full-size smart air handlers that plugs into existing ductwork. Keep your existing ductwork and enjoy the lower monthly bills inverter technology brings. 
  • ACiQ PTACs – high quality hotel style units at an unbeatable value