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We started ACiQ to give the public a better way to heat and cool their living and working spaces for a reasonable cost at the highest quality.  From the beginning, we have sought out the best manufacturing, and chosen the highest specifications in each product category.  We are satisfied that ACiQ is the best choice you can make when shopping for a ductless mini split system and we think you will agree.  We now offer a full line of products – including: Single Zone systems; high SEER Platinum Series Single Zones; Multi Zone systems with up to 5 air handlers, and a full range of air handler types including High Wall Mount, Floor Mounted Heat Console, Ceiling Cassette, Concealed Duct units; and Next Gen Ducted Heat Pump systems that can connect to your existing ductwork.  The Entire lineup features best-in-class warranty protection so you can feel secure about your investment.  


We know that every home is as different as the needs of every family.  So have utilized the latest technology to allow our products to be flexible and adaptable to your needs. We believe that the customer shouldn’t adapt to the technology; instead the technology should adapt and fit the customer!


Air Conditioning was breakthrough technology when it was first invented in the early 20th century. A lot has changed since. But the AC industry has stayed the same, offering the same limited product types that have been around for decades. That’s how the idea of ACIQ came to be. We saw first-hand the nature-inspired technologies available that were lightyears ahead of the mainstream. But no one was offering it to the average American homeowner.


We pulled together a team of our best on-site technicians, HVAC engineers, and customer service leaders to design the perfect HVAC system based on data, technology, manufacturing, and customer needs.


And what we found was there wasn’t one. Instead, that team came up with an array of products that were perfect for different homeowners depending on that home and family’s exact situation.

Every House needs its own Perfect System

That made sense to us… and so we crafted our mission that day: to provide the smartest way to buy and save on your home’s comfort solution, so that it meets the needs of your family. To give every American household its Perfect System.

Then, we began designing that line of ACIQ products.
The concept is simple: design AC systems that are based on principles learned from nature. Clean, energy-efficient, and quiet.
ACiQ AC systems are built in such a way that they are easily adaptable to fit multiple upon multiple variations a homeowner needs.

Today, we offer that technology in mini-split and full split inverter system offerings and we have a long roadmap of upcoming releases meant to expand our ability to meet the needs of homeowners.