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ACiQ stands by its products and its commitment to providing energy-efficient, low-cost heating and cooling solutions to our customers. With hundreds of homes now experiencing the ACiQ advantage, many of our customers have shared their stories with us. Read the unbiased, rave reviews of ACiQ's impact below:

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One of the Best Purchases I’ve Made

I bought the 2 ton extreme heat system back in May and its been working like a charm ever since. Would easily purchase again.


Great product

I chose to try the ACIQ unit because going name brand was going to cost 15-20k for 2 units. (I have a 36k unit still to install). I figured if there was an issue, the warranty would cover it, and I would only lose my time with the install. It was well packaged; nice solid unit. I bought my line sets from supply house as it was a lot cheaper than the same product on other sites. Installation was smooth. The ampacity suggests at least 8 awg, but the control panel doesn’t fit the 8, so I had to shave down a u lugg to get it to fit. I had not ever installed a multi zone, so after vacuuming and charging the 2 zones, I turned it on and got an error code. I contacted the manufacturer, and immediately got a list of error codes…it was low pressure. The problem was there is a main valve on the top service port that needed to be opened. The installation manual did not clearly state that; it only talks about the individual lines. So once i opened those valves, everything is functioning perfectly. It is very quiet; i have it mounted on the outside wall, and it sounds like a washing machine on spin cycle a couple floors away. Great customer service. Got immediate help to my questions. I had a ducted central air unit that broke and was unserviceable, and this one unit is already keeping my whole home cooler than the central unit. Once my second unit is in, I don’t think I will need to use my furnace at all this winter, and I live in one if the top 3 harshest winter cities. Can’t wait to see my oil bill go away! Highly recommend…long term, we will see how it holds up!


Great Phone Service

I was having problems registering my heat pump online. Called the company and the guy on their end was great. Answered all my dumb questions with grace and humor. By the way, my unit is working great to cool my Colorado home, even in this unusually hot summer. Expect it will keep me warm all winter, too.

Susie Shallers

Should have made this purchase years ago! Very happy I finally did.

Easy to order, fast shipping, arrived in perfect condition, easy to install. Quiet operation, COLD 🥶 AIR ! Even temp through out the whole room. This was purchased for my shop, it is a 30’x 40’ pole barn that I have now converted half of the space to a game room. This replaced a unit mfg. in 1999 and was costing me $800.00 month to use if everyday. This unit is costing $175.00 per month with 24/7 use, extremely happy with this purchase.

Mark Alan Stewart

Powerful little sucker

Didn’t expect this to work so well. It gets hot down here and this things has made my garage the place to be this summer


SF Bay Area savings $26K+ (2 x 3 ton units)

I live in the East Bay – Pinole, CA. Just installed 2 x 3 ton central ducted Heat Pump systems (2 story 3,600sf house) to replace 2 x gas furnaces and 2 x AC’s. Got quotes from a big box vendor and another from a large consumer warehouse both were in the $46K range. I was able to order the systems with an online direct vendor. A local company did the installation. So far so good. The variable speed systems are amazing. Other HVAC vendors only have this feature on their high end systems. Combined with our solar roof we’re expecting a 7 year ROI. Going on vacation to Europe with the savings from this year alone. 😉

Mike Burgess

Good Decision

I’m really happy with this system. It works great with my Nest thermostat and I’ve had a noticeable drop in my bills since I replaced my old unit with it. We had a few hiccups during the installation process, but the tech support team was incredibly helpful and patient with me, which made all the difference.

Joshua Ringer

Does a wonderful job very

Does a wonderful job very pleased

Deloris Lowe

4 star because of one little detail

First of all the unit has worked like a champ the past winter. Temperatures were often in the teens this winter and 2 feet of snow for months. Our home doesn’t get warm enough to use the air conditioning much but it will make our place an ice box.
Now the issue the wiring from the inside unit to the outside unit had 2 wires reversed so after spending an hr on the phone with tech. Support and not figuring it out I thought the unit would have to be returned. The tech said I had it hooked up right so it had to be the unit. I’m not an electrician but I got lucky I got the wire schematic and started following every wire and found 2 wires that needed to be swapped and it has worked perfectly since.

Dwane Ehrich

Will purchase again

Very efficient


Dramatic difference in our bills

Last summer I was paying $400+ to cool my two bedroom house in South Texas. This summer it hasn’t been more than $250. That’s the biggest endorsement I can give for this thing. Couldn’t be happier with it

Jackson Wilmer

I should have gotten one sooner!

I installed the 3 Ton 18 SEER ACiQ Inverter Heat Pump Condenser with a 5 ton coil that matched my furnace box. The service manual has a chart to set the pressures to based on Temperature when at stable high cool/heat. I have it setup as a dual fuel configuration with my ancient 60% furnace. I am in Iowa and we get negative Temps. This heat pump has already saved me hundreds of dollars on my heating bill.

Jocko Smarts

Nice units

I have had 2 units installed for over a year. They were simple to install, only took 2 days for the first one. And second had done in a day, after I knew what I was doing. A/c works great, heat? Well, they don’t heat as well as they cool, but I’m sure the heat pump didn’t pull a lot of heat when it was 30 degrees. WAY cheaper to run than central A/C. And cools the house down almost as fast. Love the Wi-Fi option, I program it to come on before I get home from work, and is nice to come home to a cool house, knowing it wasn’t on all day.

Theodore burt

15 month review

Unit has peformed well through last years heat and winter , did get into 20s for a while. I have never even turned the AUX Heat breaker on.
Setup of Unit was completed by HVAC Tech, I did the removal of old Condenser and Air Handler. Place the new units in position and Tech came for completion and testing.
All went quite easy and did not have to add any Freon, unit came with plenty.
I had a issue on a bad Main Board of Condenser, it failed at 12 months. New Board took a week or so to get here. Board was installed and back running again with no issues. .
You have to get used to it running a lot, but keep in mind its not running at 100%. Inverter will only produce whats needed for conditions present.
I did have a issue on a 110 degree(heat Index ^115) keeping home at temperature setpoint. Unit sits on WEST side of home with no shade at all.
I installed a Shade Screen 8 feet above unit from wall to west direction. To my disbelief, it worked, as I saw Kw come down a little also. Everywhere I read said it would not help.
This type of heat is short lasting here, but it did help it.
Only need to install a Thermostat with Humidity control now, old unit had one but bought a thermostat without it and sorry I did. Spoiled!!
Tech Support was always helpful. returned calls quickly if they are busy.
Filter Size is a issue here as I have trouble locating correct size. My work around was to place 2 grills in AirHandle closet and filter that size. works well.
All in all can not really complain about it, been worth it to me!
I would buy again.

Jonathan Hudak


This unit is perfect for my bedrooms.


Very good

“Initial impressions on the ACIQ mini split have been very good. I am a DIY homeowner but I am 608 certified so I installed the units myself. Installation was straightforward with no issues. I live in a log home and had reuse existing line sets due to not being able to access them without major demolition work. Line sets were thoroughly flushed and purged prior to triple evacuation. I did have to add about 3/4 lbs additional refrigerant due to the long length of the line sets. I am impressed with the units performance so far. I’m getting a 21 degree temperature difference supply vs return at the turbo fan setting. These units replaced a Carrier mini split system that never performed that well even when new. Loving the scheduling and other features of the mobile app to control the units. The inverter style condenser unit seems very efficient as far as amp draw. I really like how the fan speed will adjust to the outside ambient temperature for efficient heat extraction.

I chose the ACIQ system based on the warranty and online reviews having never seen the brand in person. I cannot yet vouch for the longevity of the units, but so far, I am completely satisfied.”


Cool – Warm – Simple

I would have never imagined how flawlessly this could turn out. It has made our northern Wisconsin home so comfortable. Whether heating or cooling it’s silent function is amazing. The installation was so simple and our power bill has gone down. Now my family is on me because we didn’t do it sooner. Thank you!


Keeps our sunroom nice and cool

Keep our little sunroom cool in the summer and hot in the winter. 2 years in and haven’t had any problems with it. One of the best buys I can remember

Sarah Garcia


The equipment is excellent, and we are getting what we hoped for.


Couldn’t be happier

Chose the unit due to the price and warranty. Very happy with the results and 0 issues.



I am so happy that I purchased the split system. It seems to heat up and cools our space very quickly.


Excellent Product

This has been an excellent AC unit, no complaints


Heat Pump

Love the heat pump working down when it is so cold. Has saved me a lot!


Great savings

I saved a lot buying this system over competitors. Efficiency is great as well.



Very quiet for our bedrooms. Looking forward to the lower electric bills!


Keeping the office cool

My office was the hottest room in house. Now it can be the coolest. Extremely quiet so it doesn’t interfere with conference calls.



Happy with the new system.