High Efficiency Heat Pump Extreme Heat Series

ACiQ’s Extreme Heat series offers the perfect solution for even the harshest climates. These condensers take efficiency to new heights, extracting heat in temperatures as low as -22 °F, while ensuring effective cooling performance even in scorching temperatures of up to 129 °F. Can be paired with AHB air handlers where gas heat it not needed or can be paired with ACL evaporator coils plus a gas furnace to create a super high efficiency dual fuel system.

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High Efficiency Heat Pump Extreme Heat Series

Designed to elevate your home environment while keeping energy costs in check, ACiQ Extreme Heat High-Efficiency Heat Pump Systems bring you the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency. Experience optimal heating and cooling with our meticulously crafted systems, embracing the future of climate control for a more sustainable and cost-effective home.

Benefits & Features:

• Cooling Capacity ranges from 24,000 BTU to 55,000 BTU
• Heating Capacity ranges from 26,000 BTU to 59,000 BTU
• Efficient cooling range of 5° – 122°F
• Efficient heating range of -22° – 75°F
• 12-Year Compressor & 7-Year Parts Warranty  w/ Online Registration

Industry Leading Technology

That’s Smarter and Easier



Simplified HVAC with easy installation, affordable systems, and top warranties.



Self-adjusting power output to achieve constant comfort at minimum cost.



Near silent operation both indoors and outdoors to protect your peace and quiet as well as your comfort!

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