Residential Solutions

ACiQ started with a straightforward mission: to introduce high-value, energy-efficient, and affordable heating and cooling solutions to households nationwide. To achieve this objective, ACiQ positioned itself as the premier choice for those seeking to upgrade their heating and cooling systems while minimizing associated costs. Through cutting-edge technology, efficient products, and an industry-leading warranty, ACiQ has successfully delivered on its mission. Join the thousands of households that have embraced the ACiQ advantage and explore our residential options below.

Mini Splits

ACiQ mini split systems provide a versatile range of ductless heating and cooling solutions, spanning from 9,000 BTU single-zone units to 55,000 BTU multi-zone setups. Designed to meet diverse needs, they ensure reliable and cost-effective climate control for any space. With options for wall-mount, ceiling cassette, concealed duct, and floor-mounted air handlers, ACiQ mini-splits offer flexibility to suit your specific requirements effectively.


• No existing ductwork required

• Available in single and multi-zone configurations

• Adaptable to multiple types of air handlers

• Low-level operation noise

• Energy-efficient technology lowers energy costs

High-Efficiency Heat Pump Systems

ACiQ’s Inverter Systems revolutionize home climate control with advanced technology, seamlessly integrating into existing setups for efficient heating and cooling. With dynamic BTU adjustments, they outperform conventional systems in extreme temperatures, setting new standards for comfort and efficiency.


• ACiQ Next Gen saves up to 75% in temps below 30° F

• Variable BTU Inverter ramps up and down to match demand

• Smart system with soft startups to maximize efficiency

• Max Heat technology keeps you warm to -22 and beyond

Central Heating and Cooling Systems

ACiQ offers a comprehensive range of central forced air products tailored to meet your requirements. We prioritize cutting-edge, industry-leading technology in every product we provide, ensuring our customers receive cost-effective and dependable residential and commercial HVAC solutions. Our Central Heating & Cooling products adhere to industry AHRI standards and seamlessly integrate with any existing duct system. With straightforward installation, our heating and cooling solutions are both affordable and stress-free.


• Efficient heating and cooling throughout your space

• Offerings of diverse products such as furnaces, air conditions, and more

• Backed by an industry-leading warranty

• ACiQ’s lineup ensures optimal performance, energy efficiency, and durability.