High-Efficiency Heat Pump Systems

ACiQ's Heat Pump systems give you the best of both worlds - a self-adjusting, mini-split-style inverter condenser matched to a communicating air handler that attaches to your existing ductwork.

High Efficiency Heat Pump System Options

Standard Series High-Efficiency Heat Pump Systems

Get the ACiQ advantage with our Standard Inverter Heat Pump Systems. Crafted to enhance your living space and lower energy expenses, our systems offer the ideal balance of coziness and economy. Embrace the future of climate control with our meticulously engineered solutions, ensuring optimal heating and cooling for a sustainable, budget-friendly home.

Extreme Heat High-Efficiency Heat Pump Systems

For more demanding climates, ACiQ has the ultimate solution with our Extreme Heat series. Engineered to excel even in the most severe conditions, these systems redefine efficiency by extracting heat in temperatures plummeting to -22 °F. Meanwhile, they deliver unparalleled cooling performance, unfazed even by scorching temperatures reaching up to 129 °F. Pair them with AHB air handlers where gas heat isn’t required, or combine them with ACL evaporator coils and a gas furnace to craft a super high-efficiency dual fuel system.