Commercial Package Units

ACiQ commercial packaged/rooftop units are designed for durability and performance, catering to the demanding needs of large-scale projects with enhanced tonnage and efficient space utilization. Offering a range from 3 to 25 tons, these units provide versatile solutions suitable for a wide variety of commercial applications. Engineered for reliability and energy efficiency, ACiQ’s packaged units ensure optimal climate control, making them an excellent choice for businesses seeking robust and adaptable HVAC systems. 


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Commercial Package Units Overview

Benefits & Features:

• Beltless direct-drive vane axial fan with electric commutated variable speed motor.

• Reliable fixed speed scroll compressor on 3-25 ton sizes and 2 stage scroll technology on 6 ton+ sizes.

• Upgraded unit control board with intuitive indoor fan adjustment.

• Reliable copper tube / aluminum fin condenser coil with 5/16-in. tubing to help reduce refrigerant charge versus prior designs

• New outdoor fan system with rugged, lightweight high impact composite fan blade.

Industry Leading Technology

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Simplified HVAC with easy installation, affordable systems, and top warranties.



Self-adjusting power output to achieve constant comfort at minimum cost.



Near silent operation both indoors and outdoors to protect your peace and quiet as well as your comfort!

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