Introducing Intelligent Air Conditioning


Self-adjusting power output to achieve constant comfort at minimum cost.


Near silent operation both indoors and outdoors to protect your peace and quiet as well as your comfort!


We strive to make the choice simple. With easy installation and award winning customer service.

Helping you buy smarter and save longer while enjoying custom comfort and quiet for your family.

Whether you are adding a room, converting a garage, or upgrading an older home or small business without ductwork, we’re here with unique solutions that save you money up front, and on monthly energy bills. 

The ACiQ Platinum series features Intelliheat – hyper heat technology that enables continuous heating all the way down to -22 degrees outside. With high SEER and high HSPF, you get maximum efficiency whether you are cooling or heating your space.

Platinum Series

ACiQ Floor Mounted air handlers are ideal for sun porches and attic rooms where space to mount a standard high wall unit is not available. Sometimes called a ‘heat console’ type air handler, these units surface mount low on the wall, near or on the floor. The shape is wider, taller, and slightly shallower than the high wall unit.

Floor Mounted Air Handler

Concealed Duct air handlers give you all the advantages of a multi zone mini split, without any visible air handlers on your walls or ceilings. These flexible units are designed to be concealed above the ceiling, below the floor, above a closet ceiling, above a hallway ceiling or behind a soffit.  Depending on the capacity of the unit, up to 4 flex duct runs can be connected, perfect for a pair of small bedrooms or a master suite.

Concealed Duct Air Handler

Mini Split systems are great, but what if you don’t want the air handler on your wall? ACiQ offers the ceiling cassette air handler for customers who want a more hidden appearance and more centralized air distribution. Ceiling Cassette air handlers provide the same high-efficiency heating and cooling of a regular wall mounted unit. A wired, wall mounted thermostat and remote are included. 

Ceiling Cassette Air Handler

Mini split systems are a way to save money while providing heating and cooling to a single room or workshop or garage. Easy-to-install with no special tools required, you can set up a mini split A/C yourself without having to pay a contractor. These savings come on top of low wholesale prices and free shipping to save you even more. EZ CONNECT

ACiQ’s Single Zone mini split systems are designed to bring superior efficiency to any one room’s heating and cooling needs. From standard in-home offices to larger, light-commercial rooms, ACiQ Single Zone systems are there to keep the space comfortable while saving you money both up front and over the life time of the unit. SINGLE ZONE

Need to heat and cool more than one room and at lower temperatures? ACiQ’s Multi Zone mini split systems can easily heat and cool up to 5 rooms when sized properly, all on one condenser, allowing you to save on outdoor space too. With each zone able to act on its own settings, each space can be individually adjusted based on the needs of the room. With its integrated IntelliHeat basepan heater technology, each space will heat and cool down to -22F, making it usable in even the coldest seasons in most locations. MULTI ZONE

Still want to use the ductwork in your home but want the efficiency of a mini split? ACiQ’s Central Split systems are designed to operate at up to 20 SEER. Which is much higher than most state minimum 14 SEER systems. While most central heat pumps only function down to 35F, all ACiQ Central Split systems can heat down to at least -4F.  

Need it to heat lower? No problem! Each air handler can handle a backup heater coil to heat down to any temperature as straight electric heating. CENTRAL HEAT & AIR SYSTEMS

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