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Nice units

I have had 2 units installed for over a year. They were simple to install, only took 2 days on first one . And second had done in a day ,after I knew what I was doing. A/c works great , heat? Well they don’t heat as good as they cool, but I’m sure heat… Read more “Nice units”

Theodore burt

Cool – Warm – Simple

I would have never imagined how flawlessly this could turn out. It has made our northern Wisconsin home so comfortable. Whether heating or cooling it’s silent function is amazing. The installation was so simple and our power bill has gone down. Now my family is on me because we didn’t do it sooner. Thank you!

Mini split

15 month review

Unit has peformed well through last years heat and winter , did get into 20s for a while. I have never even turned the AUX Heat breaker on. Setup of Unit was completed by HVAC Tech, I did the removal of old Condenser and Air Handler. Place the new units in position and Tech came… Read more “15 month review”

Jonathan Hudak
ACiQ-36-AHB / ACiQ-36-HPB

Excellent Product

This has been an excellent AC unit, no complaints

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Helping you buy smarter and save longer on quiet comfort for your family.

No matter your heating and cooling needs – ACiQ has a solution. Upgrade your existing ducted system to a higher efficiency system, or explore the possibilities of a ductless mini split solution. Either way, ACiQ can help you save money now, and on monthly energy bills.

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What Is ACiQ's New Mini-Split System?

ACiQ Ductless mini split systems offer cooling and heating at the highest possible efficiency without the need to install expensive ductwork.  These intelligent systems combine an variable outdoor heat pump condenser connected to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 indoor units to provide a zone-by-zone solution with complete flexibility.