Commercial Solutions

ACiQ offers a comprehensive range of commercial HVAC products tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and institutions. From rooftop packaged units designed for large-scale projects requiring increased tonnage and space-saving adaptability to PTAC units ideal for hospitals, hotels, casinos, and office buildings seeking individual controls and versatility within the same structure, ACiQ delivers reliable solutions.

Commercial Packaged and Rooftop Units

ACiQ offers a comprehensive selection of commercial packaged and rooftop units designed to meet the demanding requirements of businesses and institutions. 

• Suitable for a wide range of applications, from small retail spaces to large        office buildings.

• Customizable options and advanced features include X-Vane Fan Technology and energy-efficient components.

• Commercial packaged units deliver superior performance while optimizing energy consumption.

• Rooftop units are engineered for durability and space-saving adaptability.

• Ideal for large-scale projects requiring increased tonnage.

• Industry-leading warranties and trust backed by HVAC professionals.

PTAC Units

Experience unmatched comfort and reliability with ACiQ PTAC Heat Pump Air Conditioners, the ultimate solution for keeping you or your guests comfortable year-round. 

• Ideal for hotels and office buildings.

• Utilize high-efficiency heat pumps for consistent heating in various weather conditions.

• Backup electric heat for extreme cold.

• Powerful on-demand heating and cooling capabilities.

• Backed by a 7-year warranty.