Very good

“Initial impressions on the ACIQ mini split have been very good. I am a DIY homeowner but I am 608 certified so I installed the units myself. Installation was straightforward with no issues. I live in a log home and had reuse existing line sets due to not being able to access them without major demolition work. Line sets were thoroughly flushed and purged prior to triple evacuation. I did have to add about 3/4 lbs additional refrigerant due to the long length of the line sets. I am impressed with the units performance so far. I’m getting a 21 degree temperature difference supply vs return at the turbo fan setting. These units replaced a Carrier mini split system that never performed that well even when new. Loving the scheduling and other features of the mobile app to control the units. The inverter style condenser unit seems very efficient as far as amp draw. I really like how the fan speed will adjust to the outside ambient temperature for efficient heat extraction.

I chose the ACIQ system based on the warranty and online reviews having never seen the brand in person. I cannot yet vouch for the longevity of the units, but so far, I am completely satisfied.”

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