Innovative Cooling & Heating
for Modern Spaces

ACiQ started with a simple idea – bring high-quality, high value ductless mini-split products into American homes. The response has been fantastic, and we have grown each year, adding exciting new products along the way. Now, ACiQ has a complete catalog of products for every need, all while preserving our mission – to offer high-quality and high value heating and cooling to the public. What’s more, the entire lineup features best-in-class warranty protection so you can feel secure about your investment.

Why ACiQ?

01 Elevate your comfort and energy efficiency with the industry’s latest technology.
02 Experience tranquility in your space with ACiQ’s minimal noise levels.
03 ACiQ’s cutting-edge extreme temperature operation technology is engineered to thrive in any climate.


A System for Every Space

ACiQ offers a smarter way to heat and cool your home, office, workspace, or even commercial projects. From traditional air conditioners and furnaces to versatile options like mini split systems, dual fuel systems, central ducted inverter systems, packaged rooftop units and PTACs, ACiQ caters to every heating and cooling need. Whether you seek precision in individual room temperatures or desire centralized comfort throughout your space, our diverse range ensures that you find the perfect match for your requirements. Elevate your environment with ACiQ, where innovation meets variety in the pursuit of ultimate climate control.

Extreme Heat Technology

ACiQ Extreme Heat Central Inverter Condensers, Extreme Heat Multi-Zones, and Platinum Single Zone systems all continue providing efficient, heat-pump heat down to an amazing -22 degrees. A properly sized system can provide 100% of your heating needs, even in colder Northern states. This is a game-changing development, powered by the self-adjusting variable condenser described below.

ACiQ Lives On The Cutting Edge

ACiQ sets itself apart from other brands by constantly improving our product options to stay ahead of industry standards. Our systems use advanced technology to elevate consumers’ experience while also saving them money on their energy costs, enhancing the value of each unit. While our energy-efficient systems live on the cutting edge of the industry, we also complement our products by incorporating Wi-Fi and smart home-compatible technology to provide the ease of use our customers need.