Multi-Tenant Solutions

At ACiQ, we offer advanced climate control options tailored for multi-tenant buildings. Our ducted wall mount multi-positional air handlers provide versatile installation options and exceptional comfort. Perfect for spaces where flexibility is key, these units can be mounted in various positions to suit different architectural layouts. Additionally, our ducted ceiling mount air handlers are designed for seamless integration into ceiling spaces, ensuring efficient air distribution and a clean, unobtrusive appearance. Both solutions feature high-performance technology, ensuring energy efficiency and reliable operation for diverse tenant needs.

High Efficiency Air Handler Options

Wall Mounted Multi-Positional Air Handlers

The ACIQ Air Handler is meticulously designed for vertical wall or stud mounting, offering versatile installation options.  Encased within a fully insulated, galvanized-steel cabinet, this air handler ensures robustness and longevity.

Ceiling Mount Ducted Air Handlers

The ACiQ Ceiling Mount Ducted Air Handler, also known as the “pancake” air handler, is expertly designed for use with R-410A refrigerant. Ideal for installation in drop ceilings and attic spaces, this air handler is crafted to pair seamlessly with ACiQ High Efficiency inverter systems, ensuring maximum efficiency. Additionally, it comes with a 7-year parts warranty upon online registration, guaranteeing long-term reliability and peace of mind.