Slim Ceiling Cassette
Air Handlers

ACiQ’s Slim Cassette Air Handlers bring the benefits of traditional ceiling cassettes and are concealed in slender profiles designed to fit between 16 inches on center joists for ease of installation. These air handlers efficiently deliver air to your space with their one-way delivery configurations. The return air is drawn along one edge and released as conditioned air on the other. Even with their sleek and discreet design, these air handlers can provide the highly efficient heating and cooling that ACiQ stands behind. Easily controlled through a handheld remote and with only the grille of the cassette visible, ACiQ’s Slim Ceiling Cassette Air Handlers bring you the heating and cooling system you need, without the eyesore of more traditional systems.


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Slim Ceiling Cassette Air Handlers

ACiQ’s Slim Ceiling Cassette offer the advantages of traditional cassettes but in a slender profile designed to fit between 16″-on-center joists, simplifying installation. With one-way air delivery, they efficiently draw return air along one edge and release conditioned air on the other. Despite their slim design, these cassettes provide high-efficiency heating and cooling, controlled by a handheld remote, with only the grille visible once ceiling-mounted for a discreet appearance.

Benefits & Features:

• Switchable Sizing options of 6,000/9,000 BTU and 12,000/18,000 BTU
• BTU size adjustable by changing the dip switch
• Compatible with single zone up to 5-zone systems
• Smart handheld remote with LCD screen display
• Grille lowers on cables for easy access to clean filter
• Whisper quiet operation
• Different modes to customize use

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