Unit has peformed well through last years heat and winter , did get into 20s for a while. I have never even turned the AUX Heat breaker on.
Setup of Unit was completed by HVAC Tech, I did the removal of old Condenser and Air Handler. Place the new units in position and Tech came for completion and testing.
All went quite easy and did not have to add any Freon, unit came with plenty.
I had a issue on a bad Main Board of Condenser, it failed at 12 months. New Board took a week or so to get here. Board was installed and back running again with no issues. .
You have to get used to it running a lot, but keep in mind its not running at 100%. Inverter will only produce whats needed for conditions present.
I did have a issue on a 110 degree(heat Index ^115) keeping home at temperature setpoint. Unit sits on WEST side of home with no shade at all.
I installed a Shade Screen 8 feet above unit from wall to west direction. To my disbelief, it worked, as I saw Kw come down a little also. Everywhere I read said it would not help.
This type of heat is short lasting here, but it did help it.
Only need to install a Thermostat with Humidity control now, old unit had one but bought a thermostat without it and sorry I did. Spoiled!!
Tech Support was always helpful. returned calls quickly if they are busy.
Filter Size is a issue here as I have trouble locating correct size. My work around was to place 2 grills in AirHandle closet and filter that size. works well.
All in all can not really complain about it, been worth it to me!
I would buy again.

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