Single Zone Extreme Heat Series

The Extreme Heat series is ideal for frigid climates. The single-zone mini split systems can be tailored to your needs and take efficiency to a new level. ACiQ’s Extreme Heat Series extracts heat in temperatures as low as -22º F, while also ensuring complete cooling in temperatures of up to 122º F.

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Single Zone Extreme Heat Series Air Handlers

ACiQ’s Extreme Heat Single Zone Air Handlers are designed to bring versatility and intelligence to purchasing, installing, and maintaining your home’s comfort. The air handlers use adaptive technology to constantly monitor and maintain your setpoint temperature as weather conditions through day and night. This series of systems can include the following types of air handlers: wall mounted, ceiling cassette, slim ceiling cassette, concealed duct, and floor mounted.

Air Handler Options for Single Zone Extreme Heat Series: 

• Wall Mount Air Handler (9k – 24k)
• Ceiling Cassette Air Handler (9k – 48k)
• Slim Ceiling Cassette Air Handler (6k – 18k)
• Concealed Duct Air Handler (9k – 60k)
• Floor Mount Air Handler (12k – 60k)

Benefits & Features: 

• Discreet design
• Smart remote with LCD screen display
• Wi-Fi controlling capability with smart phone app*
• Quiet operation
• Different modes to customize use

Single Zone Extreme Heat Series Condensers

ACiQ’s Single Zone Extreme Heat Condensers are tailored for the coldest climates. The Extreme Heat condensers take efficiency to new heights, extracting heat in temperatures as low as -22ºF, while ensuring effective cooling performance even in scorching temperatures of up to 122ºF.

Benefits & Features:

• Efficiency of up to 28 SEER2
• Available in sizes from 9,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU
• Quiet operation at even the highest workloads
• Gold Fin Coating Technology
• Leak detection
• Efficient Cooling from 5ºF to 122ºF outdoor temperatures
• Efficient Heating from -22ºF to 75ºF outdoor temperatures

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