Single Zone Systems

ACiQ’s single zone mini split systems bring superior comfort with intelligent technology. With a highly efficient wall-mounted air handler, concealed in a sleek design, our single zone systems are the ideal option for those looking for an affordable and reliable method to heat and cool their space in warmer climates. Our platinum systems can be paired with wall mount, ceiling cassette, concealed duct, or floor mount air handlers and provide next-level efficiency for heating and cooling, regardless of if it's -22° or 122° outside. No matter your situation, ACiQ mini splits can meet your needs.

Single Zone System Options

Single Zone Standard Series

ACiQ stands by its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, offering meticulously crafted units that adhere to industry standards and criteria. By choosing ACiQ, users actively support a greener environment and enjoy reduced utility expenses. Our energy-efficient units, available in sizes up to 36,000 BTU and boasting efficiency up to 19 SEER, provide the perfect blend of cooling comfort while making a meaningful contribution to home eco-friendliness and the planet. With built-in Wi-Fi for effortless climate control, ACiQ’s single-zone standard mini split system elevates spaces with cutting-edge technology, offering a sleek solution for personalized comfort.

Single Zone Extreme Heat Series

The Extreme Heat series is perfectly suited for icy environments. These single zone mini split systems are customizable to fit your requirements and elevate efficiency to unprecedented levels. ACiQ’s Extreme Heat Series excels at extracting heat even in temperatures as frigid as -22º F, while also guaranteeing effective cooling in temperatures as high as 122º F. Our extreme heat series is compatible with a number of different types of air handlers such as our wall mount, ceiling cassette, slim ceiling cassette, concealed duct, and floor mount handlers. With this versatility, our Extreme Heat Series is sure to fit your needs.