Multi-Zone Systems

ACiQ Multi-Zone Systems can heat and cool up to five different zones and are versatile and adaptable to a combination of air handlers such as indoor wall mounts, ceiling cassettes, concealed duct, or floor mount air handlers. ACiQ offers series models to fit needs across varying climate conditions to ensure that no matter your situation ACiQ multi-zone mini split systems can be designed to fit your needs.

Multi-Zone Standard Series

ACiQ is dedicated to sustainable technology and ensuring energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions for its users. Each of our Multi-Zone Standard System units are meticulously designed and engineered to meet industry standards and energy efficiency guidelines and can effectively heat and cool up to 5 zones. With SEER ratings up to 24 BTU, ACiQ’s Multi-Zone Standard Series ensures optimal performance with while also significantly lowering energy consumption.

Multi-Zone Extreme Heat Series

The Extreme Heat series is perfect for cold climates. These multi-zone mini split systems are customizable to suit your requirements and elevate efficiency to unprecedented levels. ACiQ’s Extreme Heat Series effectively extracts heat in temperatures as low as -22º F and guarantees comprehensive cooling even in temperatures reaching up to 129º F.