Floor Mounted
Air Handlers

ACiQ Floor Mounted Air Handlers are an ideal solution for spaces like sun porches and attic rooms that hinder traditional mounting of high wall units. These units, sometimes called ‘heat console’ type air handlers, are mounted low on the wall either near or directly on the floor. This maximizes available space while also providing an efficient heating and cooling solution. With a compact design and adaptable installation options, ACiQ Floor Mounted Air Handlers bring an ideal solution for areas with limited mounting space, delivering optimal comfort and functionality.


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Floor Mounted Air Handlers

ACiQ Floor Mounted air handlers are ideal for sun porches and attic rooms where space to mount a standard high wall unit is not available. Sometimes called a heat console type air handler, these units surface mount low on the wall, near or on the floor. The shape is wider, taller and slightly shallower than the high wall unit. These are ideal for sun porches where the only wall space is below windows, or attic remodels with knee-walls, where vertical high walls may not be available.

Benefits & Features:

• Ranging in sizes from 12,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU
• Compatible with single zone up to 5-zone systems
• Optimized for heating by delivering heat at floor level eliminating stratification
• Smart remote with LCD screen display
• Whisper quiet operation
• Different modes to customize use

Note: The 18k and 24k model are slightly different in appearance from the 12k, and can be surface mounted on the floor or ceiling. Please see the appropriate manual for your model. 

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