Ceiling Cassette Air Handlers

With ACiQ’s Ceiling Cassette Air Handlers, you can get the same intelligent heating and cooling solutions you need, without disrupting the look of your space. ACiQ offers a seamless, discreet option for those who don’t like the look of a wall-mounted air handler but still want a centralized air distribution solution. These air handlers are compatible with both our platinum single-zone condensers for single-zone systems and our multi-zone condensers.


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Ceiling Cassette Air Handlers

Flush-mounted Ceiling Cassettes offer the most understated appearance of any ductless air handler type. Once mounted, only the grille is visible. They can be centrally located in the room, and deliver conditioned air in all four directions, with return air being brought in through the center. Ceiling Cassettes include a factory-installed condensation pump.

Benefits & Features:

• Ranging in sizes from 9,000 BTU to 48,000 BTU
• Compatible with single zone up to 5-zone systems
• Smart hand-held remote with LCD screen display
• Dry and Fan modes also available
• 4 Way Air Supply for consistent room coverage
• Decorative Grille included
• Whisper quiet operation

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Simplified HVAC with easy installation, affordable systems, and top warranties.



Self-adjusting power output to achieve constant comfort at minimum cost.



Near silent operation both indoors and outdoors to protect your peace and quiet as well as your comfort!

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