Residential Package Units

ACiQ’s packaged rooftop units are durable and built to last. Despite their size, these units offer space-saving capability and can fit nearly all residential applications. Our packaged unit fleet includes AC-only packaged units, Dual Fuel packaged units, and Furnace and AC Gas packaged units have your needs in mind and deliver you the heating and cooling solution you need.


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Residential Package Units Overview

Benefits & Features:

Space-Saving Design: With all components hosed in a single outdoor unit, ACiQ packaged units save space and streamline installation.
Warranty: Backed by comprehensive warranties, ACiQ packaged units provide peace of mind and protection against unexpected issues.
Durability: Built with durable materials and advanced technology, ACiQ units ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.
Versatility: Suitable for various residential and mobile home settings; roof or ground level installation options.

Industry Leading Technology

That’s Smarter and Easier



Simplified HVAC with easy installation, affordable systems, and top warranties.



Self-adjusting power output to achieve constant comfort at minimum cost.



Near silent operation both indoors and outdoors to protect your peace and quiet as well as your comfort!

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