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ACiQ Mini Splits and Central Air Conditioning and Heating

The ACiQ Platinum series features Intelliheat – hyper heat technology that enables continuous heating all the way down to -22 degrees outside. With high SEER and high HSPF, you get maximum efficiency whether you are cooling or heating your space.

Mini split systems are a way to save money while providing heating and

cooling to a single room or workshop or garage. Easy-to-install with no

special tools required, you can set up a mini split A/C yourself without

having to pay a contractor. These savings come on top of low wholesale

prices and free shipping to save you even more.

ACiQ’s Single Zone mini split systems are
designed to bring superior efficiency from standard
in-home offices to larger, light-commercial rooms, these
systems bring custom comfort where ever you place them.

ACiQ’s Multi Zone mini split systems offer life

long savings while meeting the needs of all spaces. 

Intelligence designed for custom comfort at any scale. 

All the efficiency and intelligence of the mini splits, within a duct

work system. ACiQ’s superior systems heat below -4F.

Like a high wall mount, these units take in return air at the top edge

and deliver it at the bottom. This is ideal for heating. By delivering warm air

at floor level, stratification due to heat rise is eliminated. When you put

the unit into cooling mode, the airflow direction is reversed for better air

mixing in the room.  

Concealed Duct air handlers give you all the advantages of a multi zone mini split, without any visible air handlers on your walls or ceilings.

Mini Split systems are great, but what if you don’t want the air handler on

your wall? ACiQ offers the ceiling cassette air handler for customers who

want a more hidden appearance and more centralized air distribution. 

Introducing Intelligent Air Conditioning

Adaptive Temperature Control

Custom Made
Comfort for Your Space

Gold Fin Technology

Quiet for
Indoors and