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ACiQ Mini Splits and Central Air Conditioning and Heating

Mini split systems are a way to save money while providing heating and cooling to a single room or workshop or garage. Easy-to-install with no special tools required, you can set up a mini split A/C yourself without having to pay a contractor. These savings come on top of low wholesale prices and free shipping to save you even more.

ACiQ’s Stealth Single Zone mini split systems are
designed to bring superior efficency from standard
in-home offices to larger, light-commercial rooms, these
systems bring comfort where ever you place them.

ACiQ’s Stealth Multi Zone minisplit systems offer life

long savings while meeting the needs of all spaces. 

Intelligence designed for great comfort at any scale. 

All the efficiency and intelligence of the minisplits, within a duct
work system. ACiQ’s superior systems heat below -4F.

Introducing Stealth Air Conditioning

Adaptive Temperature Control

Custom Made
Comfort for Your Space

Gold Fin Technology

Quiet for
Indoors and