RGV – 14 SEER, 3-27.5 Ton, ACiQ Packaged Gas Heating/Electric Air Conditioner

You get the efficiency you want with our affordable packaged air conditioner made for ground level installation on narrow lots. It features an efficient blower motor and a hail guard grill for added protection

Product Details

Efficiency Rating

Up to 14 SEER


11.5 EER


All models are capable of either vertical or horizontal airflow


Sizes range from 3-27.5 Tons

Benefits & Features

  • Beltless direct-drive vane axial fan with electric commutated variable speed motor.
  • Reliable fixed speed scroll compressor on 3-5 ton sizes and 2 stage scroll technology on 6 ton+ sizes.
  • Upgraded unit control board with intuitive indoor fan adjustment.
  • Reliable copper tube / aluminum fin condenser coil with 5/16-in. tubing to help reduce refrigerant charge versus prior designs
  • New outdoor fan system with rugged, lightweight high impact composite fan blade.


  • RGV/RAV units are field convertible to horizontal air flow
  • Large control box gives you room to work and room to mount accessory controls
  • Vane Axial fan and direct drive ECM motor
  • “No-strip” screw system