Concealed Duct

Concealed Duct Air Handler

Concealed Duct air handlers give you all the advantages of a multi zone mini split, without any visible air handlers on your walls or ceilings. These flexible units are designed to be concealed above the ceiling, below the floor, above a closet ceiling, above a hallway ceiling or behind a soffit. You run flex ducting from the concealed duct air handler to ceiling or wall registers in your desired location. Depending on the capacity of the unit, up to 4 flex duct runs can be connected, perfect for a pair of small bedrooms or a master suite.

Concealed duct system installations require a certain amount of pre-planning and are similar in scope to a standard home HVAC installation. They are best used in new construction projects or additions. Installation will require flex ducting, register vents, plenums, and installation supplies in addition to the equipment components. The Concealed Duct units have a factory-installed pump to lift the condensation. From there you will use PVC to construct a drain system to a safe wastewater location.